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How to Win while Losing

If you are reading this, you deserve to be grateful. You have access to the internet and working electricity. Now, take a moment to introspect — Learn to understand the PURPOSE behind your thoughts. Ask yourself if you believe that everything happens for a reason... I can assure you that every grey cloud has a purpose, every rain and drought season has a purpose. When you are able to understand purpose you will realize that it is not possible to have a bad season. You are simply experiencing a prerequisite to your success. Think about standing at the bottom of a daunting mountain... Imagine the treacherous course that you will have to endure to reach the top. Everything that happens during your journey to the top is preparing you for the next challenge. A warning sign on one path will lead you to a better path. Do not become anxious, you are getting closer to your victory path. Understand that your steps are being guided by an awesome GOD.

I would be remised if I did not take this opportunity to talk about my personal experiences. I have lost & quit jobs, I have been rejected by major organizations, I have been evicted from a home within a matter of three weeks, and battled with court systems. Ofcourse, I felt terrible initially. In fact, I felt even worse months later. It took alot of thinking and self-reflection for me to understand that the best has yet to come. I have been moved in a direction that is meant for me.

I will start with the jobs I mentioned. In full transparency, I genuinely hate working under anyone else's rules. I always seem to look for a loophole or find a way to break the rules. Saying this is not to brag — it is to highlight the fact that I would prefer to make my own rules. I left a job as a sales rep because the hours were long and the pay was horrible. I literally showed up late to work almost three times a week. Ironically enough, I actually got fired from a federal contract for being late. They required us to show up fifteen minutes prior to shift and I found that difficult to do at a place that did not provide employee parking or even healthcare. For discretionary purposes, I will not disclose how I broke specific rules. Although, I know that I can create a better business model with my logic and innovative capabilities. At this point, I have come to the conclusion that working for anyone else is not for me.

The major organization I mentioned was actually a fraternity. Surely some people frown upon fraternities but I could not allow myself to think of an elite organization in such a negative light. Until now... I literally put years of time, effort, and money into something to receive rejection in return. I regret to say that I actually made the fraternity my idol. Which swayed me from my original path. I actually have hopes to create my own elite organization but I will need to build my "House of Brick" first. I believe GOD has shown me that I am not a follower — I am a founder. I am a creator.

The home that I was evicted from was actually a rental. I moved out of my moms house to a space I could manage on my own. I actually managed it well, until... I was made aware that my male roommate had an intimate attraction toward me. He became jealous of the women I invited to the house. Unfortunately, the drama he created lead to legal matters which, LORD willing, concluded in an expunged case. The entire experience was eye opening and caused me to have an innumerous amount of rage and resentment toward everything. I was also later informed that the agreement we made was considered an illegal sublet. Apparently my roommate was not the owner of the house. I am glad that GOD removed me from that situation.

In conclusion, I believe that my actions lead me to a better path. I genuinely want to use my real estate license and other certifications. Everything that has happened has forced me to realize that I must become the solution to my problems. I want to be the person that creates the rules. You have the same power to create your own rules. I promise that you will never regret doing things on your own time. Just remember that everything in life has a purpose.

-Chandler L. Cotton Jr.

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