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The Memorial Sunday

On this particular memorial weekend something felt different. I decided to take a moment to think about the cause. After a few moments – I realized that my absence from home was the cause of feeling uneasy. While being home I would interact with the family in several different ways. We would play games, have great conversations, complete home projects, and create amazing family dinners. Although not perfect – family is a major part of my foundation. I stayed away from home in efforts to find solutions to challenges that we faced. It took a random national holiday for me to realize that I missed home. I personally recommend that everyone cherish their time spent with family. Resolve issues and forgive as soon as possible. You deserve to create happy memories with your family. Your deserve to forgive and be forgiven. As mentioned in a previous post – you must make the most of what you have. Instead of life giving you lemons, you have received the ingredients to create a full course meal. It will take longer to prepare but it will reap the greater benefits.

-Chandler L. Cotton Jr.

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